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Chippy goes to the Gambia:a Tour-of-Duty in the White Man's Grave
The Memoirs and Memorabilia of a Fifeshire Sergeant in the Royal West African Frontier Force
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By Hendry, Colin C
ISBN 1905021038
Paperback  264 pages
Published 18 July 2008
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Chippy had the looks of a dashing 1940s film star, part of a family of five handsome brothers. Four were to become army sergeants during World War Two, one in Special Forces. Chippy, his real name Archie, had been a tearaway youngster. Brought up in a poor household in Fife on the east coast of Scotland, the war provided him with a perfect escape to adventure. However, at the same time he found love at home, and was married only weeks before being shipped overseas to disease-ridden West Africa to join the Royal West African Frontier Force. Subjected to tropical diseases, hardships and personal tragedies, he later returned to his beloved wife a matured and changed person. Always independent and with a fiery temper, he was also a kind and friendly man, who was much loved in the local Fife community and admired for his many different facets.

Colin Hendry, Chippy's nephew, started his career in the Civil Service, but his keen interest in historical artefacts steered him into the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland. He had several articles published in Guns Review and other magazines. In the early 1990s, he transferred to the Museum of Flight, at East Fortune Airfield in East Lothian, He maintains a strong interest in military history and militaria.

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