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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
An Extraordinary Mixture: Bletchley Park in Wartime Hogarth, James 190502102x £10.00 $20.00
Ayr United at War Carmichael, Duncan 1905021127 £12.95 $19.95
But for the Grace Mitchell, James A. 1905021119 £14.95 $22.95
Chippy goes to the Gambia:a Tour-of-Duty in the White Man's Grave Hendry, Colin C 1905021038 £16.95 $32.00
Contacts and Contrasts Gleichen, Helena. With an Introduction by Caroline Stone. 1905021097 £14.95 $24.95
Faith, Culture and Conflict: A Middle Eastern Odyssey Blair, Philip. With sketches by Joanna Blair. 1905021151 £14.95 $24.95
Hide-and-Seek Children: Recollections of Jewish Survivors from Slovakia, The Barnett, Barbara (Introduction). With maps by Sir Martin Gilbert 1905021100 £24.95 $39.95
In The Shadow Of the Cotton Tree Rillie, Jack. Edited by Alasdair Soussi. Preface by Andrew Hook. Afterword by Marshall Walker. 1905021135 £12.95 $19.95
Our Say, Not Hearsay Edited by Graham Warby. 1905021143 £15.95 $25.00
Women War Workers of World War I Stone, Sir Gilbert 1905021011 £14.95 $27.95

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